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At Von Liston kennels we strive to improve, create and most importantly save the heritage of the true European Dobermann breed.
  • Here at Von Liston Dobermanns, our only interest is to own, train,and breed the best working Dobermanns possible without all the fluff and hype others promote.  You can trust we will not breed a litter so we can recovery our invested money. This is my hobby and favourite interest. They are a pleasure to own and work, and we dont view them as a chore.
  • We combine the best attributes from our lines to produce Dobermanns that encompass the ultimate guardian.  Our dogs are selectively bred to enhance their workability both physically and mentally, with working drive, muscle mass, strong balanced psychology, fighting spirit, bone structure, solid nerves and good health.
  • We aim to create a world-class line of Dobermanns bred for the purpose of law enforcement, family security, companionship, K9 security services, Schutzhund training, personal protection and show.
  • Dobermans from Von Liston kennels will excel in Schutzhund Training , Tracking, Man Stopper, Personal Protection, Family Protection, Agility, Obedience, Show or anything you could ask them to do, they are truly the Ultimate Dobermanns Australia has to offer.
  • At Von Liston kennels we strive to Improve the Doberman breed with every mating we plan. We have planned to use the finest Doberman's available to us from all over the world.
  • At Von Liston Kennels we aim to help fill the needs and desires of  all the Doberman enthusiast in Australia that would otherwise not be able to acquire a Dobermann of this caliber.  Our Dobermans are breathtaking in their "Regal Authority" looks.

  • The Dobermans we use for our breeding program are heavy boned with substance and muscle mass, not like the tiny spindly whippet boned Dobermanns bred these days.

  • Our dogs/pups come from first class European bloodlines that promote confidence, loyalty, intelligence and obedience.
  • We strive to produce the best dogs possible that confirm to the breed standards, including the solid true Dobermann temperaments; to protect when necessary, and yet be gentle and a loving family companion.
  • At Von Liston kennels our passion and devotion is for Dobermanns.  Breeding for us is an enjoyable experience that only drives us to strive for perfection. We breed for our next generations.
  • Von Liston Dobermann puppies are bred from proven lines in work ethic, stable temperament and the ability to pass this along to their offspring.  The first 7 weeks are crucial in the new puppies’ life.  The dam will pass along much of her temperament and how she responds/acts to her environment to her pups.  A good brood bitch is crucial to a positive breeding program.  Every litter we plan is always looked at very carefully.  Our goal is to produce pups that we would want to live with and consider for ourselves in both work ethic and family environment.
  • As breeders, we strive to produce genetically healthy Dobermann puppies with trainable temperaments.  We are dedicated to carefully screening homes and placing our puppies in the homes which are willing to give them love, attention and training throughout their lifetime.
  • We carefully consider each breeding well ahead of time, studying the pedigrees, conformation, temperaments and working abilities of both dogs, pairing only those dogs which compliment each other in the most positive way.  We breed only the best with the aim to produce the best.
  • Our aim is to ensure we place our puppies into suitable homes, as we are responsible for them being here, so we reserve the right to turn away anyone we consider  unsuitable to own a Doberman puppy.
  • Von Liston Dobermanns are available for shipping world wide.



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